One of Primecorp Property Management's most picturesque properties in the Ottawa area is located at 27 Boulevard Lucerne in Aylmer, Quebec. Suites in this beautiful, limestone heritage building contain hardwood floors, balconies, spacious rooms, and a dépanneur (tuck shop) located on-site. Highlights of the surrounding community include nearby public transit, schools, parks, and gardens.

27 Boulevard Lucerne, Aylmer QC
Residents: Aylmerites
Population (2006): 41,532 (approx. 16% of Gatineau)
Area code: 819

History of the Aylmer Region

The first explorers to reach the actual location of Aylmer were Nicolas-du-Vigneau and Samuel de Champlain during the early 17th century when they continued exploration for new lands west of Quebec City. Aylmer's post and county registration offices were opened in 1831 and in 1847 the village was incorporated.

During most of the 19th century, the town of Aylmer was an important center for the wood industry, until the Great Depression when Aylmer's biggest sawmill closed its doors. In the second half of the 20th century, Aylmer would greatly expand, due to urban sprawl from the Ottawa and Gatineau areas, and became an important suburb to the region. Several new residential developments were created on the Northern and Eastern sections of old Aylmer.

Numerous businesses and shopping malls serve the community along the Main Street, including: Les Galeries D'Aylmer, the rebuilt-Glenwood Plaza, several golf courses, a Sheraton hotel, and a movie theatre. On August 4, 1994, a destructive tornado tore through the city damaging nearly 400 to 500 homes (including a dozen homes that were completely destroyed) and injuring at least 15 people. Damage figures were estimated at about $15 million. Rated F3 on the Fujita scale, the tornado tracked for 8 kilometers and was one of the most intense tornadoes in the history of the National Capital Region.

On January 1, 2002, the City of Aylmer amalgamated to become a part of Gatineau when the Parti Québécois government merged several clusters of cities and metropolitan areas throughout the Province of Québec. Aylmer's population is still a mix of both Anglophones and Francophones with the majority being bilingual. Much of the local workforce commutes across the river to Ottawa. Aylmer's population is about 30% Anglophone, 61% francophone, and 9% other.

Aylmer Roads and Recreational Pathways

Aylmer proclaims itself as the "Recreation Capital of the National Capital" because of its many golf courses, green spaces, spas, marina, and bicycle paths. Virtually all the major shops, services and restaurants are located along chemin d'Aylmer.
Aylmer is served by provincial Route 148, within the city of Gatineau, which extends from the Ontario border, near Pembroke, to Montreal about two hours away. Aylmer is connected to Tunney's Pasture and Westboro in Ottawa by the Champlain Bridge, at the South-East corner. Aylmer is home to a generally well-maintained network of bicycle paths that surround the city and run past many scenic locations, such as the Aylmer Marina and the Deschênes Rapids. The path system is maintained by the National Capital Commission (NCC).

Public Transit in Aylmer

Public transit is provided by the Société de transport de l'Outaouais (STO), which runs twelve bus lines through the region (although many only operate during rush hour). The Eastern terminus for most of the Aylmer bus lines is in the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa.

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