Our mission and passion is to deliver maximum returns on the assets we manage. Property owners know that improving the bottom line is an important operational function of a property manager.
What does it mean to be a good property manager?
Effective property management has many dimensions, but from a business point of view ensuring maximum rent levels while minimizing vacancy and bad debt loss, prudent capital investment, control and reduction of each operating expense, and effective financial analysis are the foundation.
What does it mean to be a GREAT property manager?
“These are people’s homes. Let’s talk about how we can make them better.” ~ Sam Firestone
Being a great property manager means being receptive to tenant needs and handling issues in a timely manner… providing assistance “after hours” is crucial. Primecorp knows “after hours” help is essential and our knowledgeable staff are available for contact at any time in the event of an emergency.
“I truly appreciate your team’s service and the professionalism, especially since it happened late Saturday.” ~ Gerald.
Great property managers are responsive and proactive. Spotting potential issues before they cause stress and strain to tenants is a vital part of ensuring a building maintains a pleasant community atmosphere. We aim to work with tenants and the City of Ottawa to reduce conflict and issues both inside and outside our buildings.
“I want to say a big thank you to the team at Primecorp Property Management, Jennifer and Melissa, for their assistance in helping me to facilitate my move with ease.”
~ Ms. Stewart
“Primecorp has been excellent in assisting with tenant needs and is extremely accommodating with any issues that may arise.” ~ Mike
Making your apartment work with your life is an essential aspect to our property management style. Without tenants we wouldn’t be here; when our tenants are happy we are doing our job well.
“…the property management team has invested so much time and has (gone) above and beyond for the tenants in the complexes (assuring) that all tenants are happy and satisfied with their dwelling…” ~ Rachele
As Property Managers, We Understand The Value of Community
Property management is about understanding the community that our properties are a part of. Our buildings are their own community, within larger communities, and we try to reach out and bridge these spaces together, creating a peaceful and productive neighbourhood experience. We do this by proactively working with tenants and the public through parties, charity initiatives, BBQs, and tenant meetings. Primecorp is also involved with several charitable organizations in Ottawa, broadening our reach into the community and its overall wellness.
“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great evening/Xmas (get-together) you hosted tonight for everyone in the building. Loved the Hot chocolate, the cake and the great prizes! It was nice to meet everyone and interact with neighbors that I never really see.”~ Carine
Holiday party at 27 Lucerne 2015
To keep a community strong, it is vital that tenants know the staff. Building relationships and connections with tenants, staff, and contractors helps make our company strong and our communities vibrant. We get to know our residents and staff and work with them to make our properties the best they can be.
“People like them do not always get the recognition they deserve.” ~ Jennifer
“Kudos to you! Jennifer and your team, with our sincere thanks from all of us.” ~ Tenants 388 Irwin Miller

Primecorp Aims for Excellence in Property Management
Primecorp Property Management (PPM) is a highly respected property management company in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Our portfolio is comprised of residential high-rises, walk-ups, heritage buildings, and commercial properties.
Jennifer Davies brings over a decade of experience to her position as Senior Property Manager. She is the primary liaison between staff, contractors and tenants ensuring that everything is running smoothly.
PPM takes pride in its buildings and in providing an excellent level of service and maintenance to all tenants to ensure maximum returns for our landlord clients.
For more information on our company and product please visit www.primecorppm.com.