As we celebrate the holiday season and reflect back on our year as a property management company in Ottawa, we are pleased with the results we have achieved in 2015.
Celebrating The Holiday Season in Ottawa
Effective Property Management Puts Tenants First
Filling vacancies with good tenants is one of the top priorities of any professional property management company. At Primecorp Property Management, we pride ourselves in building strong relationships with tenants as the best way to ensure that current renters will not only want to stay and settle into their homes for longer periods, but will also feel good about spreading the word and making referrals for new tenants in our buildings.
How Do Our Vacancy Rates Stack Up?
In 2015 our vacancy rates at around 1.9%, were considerably lower than the national vacancy rate of 2.9% CMHC Rental Market Report 2015 or the vacancy rate in Ottawa at 3.4% Ottawa Citizen. We consider our lower vacancy rates to be a reflection of our hard work and solid property management principles over the year, resulting in higher returns for our investors and making more revenue available for improvements to our buildings. This way, everybody wins, especially our valued tenants.
At Primecorp We Care About Our Tenants and Our Buildings
Encouraging harmony and mutual respect between staff and tenants is crucial. We foster this relationship through our knowledgeable and friendly on-site staff. Our bonded and licensed repair crews are quick to address issues as they arise and this further promotes our reputation in the Ottawa renting community as a company that cares about our tenants and buildings.
In the summer and winter months, Primecorp brings together staff and tenants for BBQs and Holiday parties, facilitating community connections that allow us to get to know each other. These gatherings are an excellent opportunity to catch-up with familiar faces and meet new additions to our buildings, while providing Primecorp with an opportunity to give back and say thank you for being a part of the Primecorp family. At such occasions, and throughout the year, we seek to highlight that our staff genuinely cares about our tenants, distinguishing us from some other property management companies in Ottawa.
At Primecorp we see the value and potential in modernizing and upgrading our units and continually strive to improve our buildings, both inside and outside to attract quality tenants and retain existing ones. Recent capital improvements undertaken include fresh landscaping, window and balcony replacements, and modernizing bathroom and kitchen areas.
‘There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.’ – Lord Harold Samuel
Caring staff and well maintained buildings play a large role in drawing tenants to reside with us, but one of the most significant factors is location. Our buildings are fortunate to be surrounded by fabulous green spaces and are closely situated to shopping and other amenities, within vibrant neighbourhoods that any tenant can feel safe and connected to.
We’re Always Looking for Feedback About Our Property Management Practices
If you have any questions or comments about Primecorp Property Management and/or our buildings please visit us on, Twitter @PrimecorpPM or our contact us through this site; we’d be happy to hear from you!