Is Your Property Ready for a Late Spring Snowstorm?
Ottawa isn’t done with the snow yet: looking out back of our office onto Somerset Street this afternoon
It might come as a surprise to those who have retained a regular and reliable commercial snow removal service, but there are many residential and commercial properties in Ottawa that have yet to secure ongoing professional snow removal services, even this late in the year. As property managers, at Primecorp we understand how important dependable snow removal contractors are for the safety of our tenants and the peace of mind of our landlords.
Many property owners are hesitant to hire a snow plow service for fear of not knowing what to ask them beforehand. To help ease this fear, in this post we’ve provided you with four topics to discuss with your commercial snow removal service before you sign on the dotted line.
Is Your Snow Plow Company Certified, Insured and Bonded?
Without question, a commercial snow plow service should be all of the above. To hire a commercial snow plow service that isn’t these three things is risky. If you want more information about the company’s credentials, simply ask them for their details.
How Does Your Service Deal with Heavy and Sudden Snow?
This question is important for those who run 24/7 establishments or want to ensure their tenant’s safety. Make sure that the snow plow service has a plan in place (and the necessary equipment at-the-ready) to deal with excessive and unexpected snow and ice. They should be able to provide a sense of how long it will take them to get to your property, especially in the event of a sudden and heavy snowfall.
What Costs Can I Expect to Pay for Snow Plow Services?
Perhaps most of all, residential and commercial property owners want to know about the cost details. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask about the costs up front, before you sign the contract. If you are unsure how price and service tie together, when related to weather conditions, ask for a rundown. A professional snow plow service will be happy to explain how they can help you, and what extra costs might be incurred under severe or prolonged adverse weather conditions.
Ask your Snow Plow Contractor for References
Most reliable and established snow plow contractors will have a list of satisfied clients and should be able to provide several references attesting to the quality of their services. This might seem like an extra hassle to follow-up on, but when the heavy snows blow in, like the late-spring storm that we are expecting in Ottawa today, your piece of mind will be well worth the effort involved in checking references.
It’s never too soon or too late to look into hiring a commercial snow management company. Primecorp Property Management relies on Blooming Gardens for all of our snow removal needs at both our residential and commercial properties.
At Primecorp Property Management, we operate various commercial and residential apartment buildings in the Ottawa area that we own, or manage for 3rd party landlords. Tenant safety is always top of mind in every aspect of our operation. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with your property management duties and responsibilities, please contact us today.
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