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Attracting and Retaining Long-Term Tenants is a Vital Aspect of Effective Property Management

When it comes to property management, one of the top priorities for us at Primecorp is to ensure that our tenants are happy and interested in residing with us for the long-term. This commitment helps us to achieve a low vacancy rate, relative to the apartment rental market in Ottawa, which also makes our landlords happy by keeping their buildings full and filling new vacancies as quickly as possible.

Primecorp Now Offers Additional Apartment Rentals in Ottawa East

We have recently added Coach Tower on Russell Rd. to our apartment portfolio and are looking forward to building and maintaining relationships with new and existing tenants. This building, in Ottawa East near Train Yards and Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre, is now under new ownership, and currently has bachelor, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units available for rent.

The new owners of Coach Tower have invested heavily in renovations and upgrades to the building and the units, which is in line with many of the principles that we know will help attract and retain long-term tenants.

Keeping Tenants Happy is Key to Long-Term Residency

Here are some ways that we’ve found to help promote a respectful and dynamic atmosphere that encourages our tenants to continue as happy residents in our buildings:

  • We make sure that we are available. Our tenants need to know that we are available as required. Our residents can rest assured that we are there to take care of any significant concerns as quickly as possible.

Primecorp Property Management strives to have someone in our head office from 9am to 5pm during the work week to address any issues that may arise for our tenants. After hours, our Senior Property Manager Jennifer Davies can easily be reached for emergencies.

  • We try to keep everything neutral. In order to please the majority of our tenants, we try to keep the walls and flooring a neutral colour to match with any furniture or colour scheme. If we have bright or coloured walls that won’t match what our prospective tenants already own, they are less likely to want to move in without repainting the unit.
Ottawa Apartment Rental: Coach Tower

A Typical Unit at Coach Tower (Neutral Colours)

  • We make maintaining our properties and apartments a very high priority. It is important to us to make sure that all repairs are done in a timely fashion, as well as any updates that need to be done to the common areas in order to maintain a clean and hospitable environment. Though it may inconvenience them a little bit, tenants are more likely to stay if they are happy with the upkeep of their apartments and our properties as a whole. Primecorp Property Managment has dedicated superintendents on-site for any needed repairs and maintenance issues.
Ottawa Apartment Lobby: Coach Tower

The Newly Renovated Lobby at Coach Tower

  • Where possible, we offer extra amenities and conveniences such as gym facilities, outdoor garden spaces or patio areas to attract and engage tenants and create a community like atmosphere.
Gym Facility Ottawa Apartment Building: Coach Tower

The Upgraded Fitness Room at Coach Tower

  • When units are vacated, or as required, we do our best to modernize and renovate individual units, and install clean modern appliances.
  • We also do our best to clearly communicate the rules when new tenants move in. It is essential that all of our tenants know the rules so that they can follow them. We encourage our tenants to feel comfortable and at home in our buildings, but also to keep in mind the rights of other tenants for the peace and enjoyment of all of our residents.

Landlords know that long-term tenants will make their life easier – saving significant time and money. For this reason, we are available to our tenants so that they want to stay. We also strive to keep everything neutral and up-to-date, clearly communicate the rules residents are expected to follow, while offering extras to ensure that our valued tenants are happy and wanting to reside with us for the long-term.

Looking for a Rental Apartment or Property Management Company in Ottawa?

If you are looking for an apartment to rent in the Ottawa area, or you own an apartment building, or rental unit and are looking for a professional property management company that will take care of your property and it’s occupants, contact Primecorp Property Management today and see what we can do for you.