• Really glad I moved into the building.  Major renovations-new windows, balconies, and elevator.  Lobby is looking great.   The owners really care about the apartments.   Shout out to the super.  He does a great job.

    ~ Joe McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Wow!   The new owners have made so many changes to the building.  Lobby is gorgeous.  Hallways have been painted.  We are getting new windows.  Upgrades to the laundry room.  This company really cares about its tenants.  Really, really happy with all the upgrades.

    ~ Joanne The Sandhurst

  • The owners have made so many upgrades.   It's amazing.   New windows and patio doors in all apartments, balcony restoration and new railings.   Brand new elevators with beautiful interiors.   Now the lobby is being renovated.   I'm really proud to live here.   Thanks to Trevor for all his hard work during the renos.

    ~ Brian McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Primecorp has managed this property for over twelve years and have great respect for the buildings heritage.   They have made many improvements to the property and common areas.   It is a real pleasure to live here.  The outdoor spaces are so nice.  We have our own garden area and patio.   The limestone walls are gorgeous.   I plan on living here for many years to come.

    ~ Carole Manoir Lucerne

  • We have watched this building fall into squalor for the past 6 years. Ms Davies hit the ground running. She started to address our issues almost immediately. Her crew are courteous professional and competent.


    She responded with rapidity, efficiency, and professionalism. She improved the property in the halls by taking care of the floor maintenance and installing scent sensors and the renovations of the balconies, looks so much better. It embellishes the building and enriches our lives.


    Living below the poverty level does not mean we have no pride in our homes. She has come to our rescue. I have not seen so many happy tenants in the 6 years I've been here. I have been renting apartment for 40 years, this women is a keeper.


    Kudos to you! Jennifer and your team, with our sincere thanks from all of us.

    ~ Tenants 388 Irwin Miller 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller





    ~ Karen and Guilbert Lavergne 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I am giving my 90 Days notice that I will vacate the unit by January 31, 2015.
    I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have lived in such a wonderful historical property.
    Yourself and Eric have been excellent to deal with and I will miss living there.

    Jennifer Cliffe

    ~ Jennifer Cliffe Manoir Lucerne

  • Hello, i am writing to you today because i wanted to mention on how extremely pleased i am with the service that was given to me
    by Melissa, the girl that works at the front desk. The enthusiasm i received from Melissa  when i first called Primecorp asking  for simple information was incredible. Her voice was full of energy and was very inviting. She seem very happy to be doing her job, and that right away made me feel comfortable in continuing the conversation over the phone.(i hate talking on the phone) Her confidence, and professionalism was defiantly convincing, for i didn't want to look elsewhere for an apartment. i strongly recommend that Melissa be compensated for her hard work, cause honestly i have never had a better service! :) 


    Thank you,



    ~ Jason Gilmore Manoir Lucerne

  • Good day,


    We have received amazing service from the very first time we engaged contact with PrimeCorp. Being first time renters / moving out for the first time, Melissa and Jennifer made all aspects of moving into 61 McEwen super easy. We expected another monotonous apartment showing but we were approached with excitement and enthusiasm. The apartment was presented to us thoroughly and the moving process was explained very clearly and easily. We felt immediately comfortable communicating my needs and questions with PrimeCorp.  Melissa and Jennifer made us feel excited to live at 61 McEwen and encouraged us to apply as soon as possible. Which we did right after the showing. My first impressions of the property was the same as it is now having lived there for nearly 3 months. I love the area and the building is always kept clean and smelling fabulous!

    Nathalyn O'Driscoll

    ~ Nathalyn McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • I have been renting from Primecorp since April of 2013 and have never experienced a company who cares so much about its tenants. Everyone working there, especially Jennifer Davies, has gone above and beyond. She is always returning calls or emails about any concern. It is rare you find someone who is so genuinely interested in the well being of the tenants. The building itself is wonderful, with new amenities such as an elevator and new washer/dryers, and lovely landscaping. It is great to know I live in a place where my personal needs are not only heard, but also met. Keep up the great work! "

    ~ Amanda The Sandhurst

  • Just writing to give my deepest thank you to Primecorp and the team, I have been living here for a few months now at the Irwin Miller complex and the property management team has invested so much time and has went above and beyond for the tenants in the complexes reassuring that each tenants are happy and satisfied with their dwelling. I lived in this area a few years ago and the changes that were made not only in the curb appeal but the way the building has been maintained and improved by the property manager and team is beyond my expectations. The area is starting to get cleaned up and I really believe the management team plays a bit part with the tenants they choose. I am really happy with my property management team and look forward to living here for many many years. Koodos to Primecorp!!!! & I believe I speak for myself and many other tenants.


    Thank you & God bless

    ~ Rachele

  • Primecorp has been excellent in assisting with tenant needs, and is extremely accommodating with any issues that may arise.  I believe the upgrades to the external facade will be attracting to new tenants, as well as making the space more comfortable to current residents, who wish to use the grounds around them.  Greg has also been extremely helpful, and is prompt with any jobs that need to get done."

    Have a good week and thanks for all the help this summer!
    Take care,

    ~ Mike 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • My name is Marie Pelletier my Husband Jeff & I first met with Jennifer Davies the senior property managager at Primecorp, at the office on Bank street. Upon arriving we were greeted by Melissa Paquette She is the property administrator, she seated us in the conference room and ask to take our jacket and offered coffee seated in the board room. We found this experience so pleasant and professional. Our next meeting was at our new apartment 390 Irwin Miller with Jennifer, Jennifer did a walk through of the apartment with us and introduced us to the staff and contractors that work for Primecorp. Our apartment was spotless, freshly painted and renovated. Both Jeff and I were completely impressed by the outside appearance and the building itself, the frounds were immaculate. We are very happy in our new home and with care and attention given to us by the Primecorp Property Management team we look forward to living here for many years. Having dealt with numerous of property management companies they are by far the best in my experience.

    Thank you Primecorp.




    Marie and Jeff Pelletier

    ~ Mary and Jeff Pelletier 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • Jennifer Davies: She responded with rapidity, efficiency, and professionalism.She had a great attitude and very respectful, she answered all my emails even my phone calls.  Even, she is a great listener for problems and she had always resolved

    Melissa Paquette:  She had a great attitude and very respectful, nice to talk with her on phone even at the office.

    Look forward to leave many many years, i speak for myself and other tenants.

    Thank you to all

    ~ Tenant 362 McArthur

  • Im a tenant at 87 vanier rd. Gatineau and I was off sick for 2 and 1/2 months jen and Melissa understood my situation and helped so much im still in my apartment and will be here for a long time thanks to jen also primecorp understanding tyvm mike mccourt

    ~ Mike Manoir Lucerne

  • Hello Jen and Melissa,
      I'd like to thank both of you and Primecorp for the great Holiday party you hosted for us on Monday night at 61 Mcewen. The feedback I received yesterday from tenants was outstanding and greatly appreciated as this was the first time residents experienced this type of group gathering. They enjoyed the beautiful decorations, cake, coffee, hot chocolate, snacks and of course the raffle. Your costumes were fantastic and warming, it set the stage to positive Holiday season.
      In the three hours of our event, it was nice to see everyone sharing smiles, laughter and fun stories. You can definiteley tell that everyone there was truely enjoying themselves. I could see that the tenants were happy to meet the both of you and obviously enjoyed the facetime they had with you as well. I got the impression that everybody there that night made new friends, and they did.
      Jen, your ability to handle and entertain the crowd was a pleasure to witness. The funny stories you told, showed the tenants that your a human being too and that you were'nt just there  to do your job.
      Melissa, you were a wonderful hostess. It was indeed nice of you to make sure everyone was comfortable, and introduced. You were the life of the party.
    Hopefully this is a start to a new yearly tradition!

    ~ Ken 61 McEwen Superintendent

  • Hi Jennifer,
    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great evening/xmas get together you hosted tonight for everyone in the building.  Loved the Hot chocolate, the cake and the great prizes! It was nice to meet everyone and interact with neighbors that I never really see.
    I also wanted to thank you for all the great service that yourself and your team have provided me since I moved in last february. I needed a place to stay quickly and i was able to move in 2 days after I applied, and for that I want to thank you sincerely. Wanted to let you know that the building looks way better than it used to,
    Its clean, the yard looks good and I am sure Primecorp has many more great changes planned for the future. Thank you again for the great evening. Happy holidays to all of the team at Primecorp.

    ~ Carine Manoir Lucerne

  • 1) Thank you for your good gesture of a Christmas invitation to the Tenants in the Lobby of the 240 Stewart on Tuesday Nov. 11, 2014, 6-8pm;
    2) Sorry, I could not come;
    3) I wish you also a Merry Christmas, in the living Lord Jesus-Christ!

    ~ Denis The Sandhurst

  • To whom it may concern.... This is a letter to commend the efforts of the Prime Corp team. As a resident of 61 McEwen Avenue in Ottawa, I have had the pleasure to deal with and express my concerns or needs with Jennifer Davies, property manager, and Melissa Paquette, property administrator. Always there, willing to help, and flexible if need be. Looking forward to dealing with them in the future. Great team, good job, 10 out of 10. Sincerely Jeff B.

    ~ Jeff McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • ~~Dear Ms. Davies,

    I'm writing to say how much I appreciate the kind help I've been getting from Ken, the superintendent at 61 McEwen Avenue, where my brother, Michael Salat, has been living. Ken has proved to be a lifesaver in various situations where my brother (who suffers from a mental disorder) has needed assistance. Now that Mike is moving into a group home setting, my family is working to clean out Mike's apartment, and it's been great to have Ken's help with that, too.
    My family wishes to thank him very much for his wonderful service.

    Natalie Williams

    ~ Natalie

  • ~~Hi Jennifer,

    I have lived here since September 1998, in three different apartments over the years. Since this time, there have been numerous improvements made to the outside and the inside of the building - the lobby, the elevators, the hallways, the garage, the outside grounds, the windows and the balconies. Such changes have taken place in phases over the years but all of these modifications were needed and well appreciated of course!

    Joanne M

    ~ Julie

  • ~~To whom it may concern

    I've been living at 61 Mcewen for 10 years and dealt with many property managers employed by primecorp. I never met a property manager like Jennifer Davies, her work ethics & people skills are tremendous, and over beyond. Primecorp should be honoured and proud to have a woman like her as part as their team and a tool to their foundations. Keep up the great work Jennifer.

    Ps. I would recommend to other family member and friends to rent from Primecorp Property Management.

    ~ Tenant McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • I'm a tenant at 388 Irwin Miller st apt 12 and would like to convey my true appreciation of the effort and workmanship of Jennifer Davies and Melissa Paquette.

    ~ D. Friend 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • To whom it may concern,

    Ms. Davies and her crew continue to work at an incredible past. Her choice of trades men and contractors is excellent. They're professional skilled and courteous, write down to the lovely young lady who answers the phone and takes all the crap is always always polite and professional.
    I would say they well deserve a Christmas bonus this year… PS Ms. Davies you showed them how it's done you go girl!
    You have taken sow's year and are turning it into a silk purse.
    From one very happy tenant.


    Thank you Primecorp.

    ~ Tenant 388 Irwin Miller 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Just wanted to say thanks to your team for coming to my rescue on Saturday late evening.

    When I came back from a walk, at about 10 pm, I could not open my apartment door. The dead bolt would not unlock.  And to add to the issue, I had left my phone in the apartment so I couldn't call anyone.

    Luckily, a neighbor in apartment 29 (Patty?) came in from walking her 2 dogs, found the emergency number and lent me her phone until the issue was resolved.

    When I called, a woman answered and told me someone would call back quickly.  Jennifer called me back quickly and after giving me a couple of suggestions, sent Tino who arrived as Jen said he would, about 30 minutes later.  Tino did his magic after checking that the problem was not between the key and the key holder (me!); he drilled through the deadbolt and replaced the door handle knob with one which locked as he didn't have another dead bolt and I needed to have an apartment I could lock.  He said that he would be back on Sunday to replace the dead bolt.

    On Sunday, today, Miguel came over and replaced the dead bolt with a working one.

    I truly appreciate your team's service and the professionalism, especially since it happened late Saturday.

    Take care.



    ~ Gerald The Sandhurst

  • Dear Primecorp,
    Having recently gone through a terrible divorce and bankruptcy, I needed help obtaining a decent apartment for my children as well as myself, without being scrutinized and/or judged with any misconceptions due to my poor credit score situation.  I was desperate and needed help…. That's when Mélissa and Jennifer stepped in and gave me that chance that I so desperately needed.  Jennifer and I met the following week to discuss my financial/personal situation. Subsequently, following her suggestions, it was extremely obvious that she had taken more than enough of her personal time, insight and input in order to come up with an honest plan that benefited both parties.  That being said, I must admit that her suggestions were far more beneficial to our personal situation rather than what would normally be of the company's best interests.  Needless to say that I (not like Jennifer) definitely benefited far more than Prime Corp, and this was done (to my knowledge) without Mrs. Davies ever second guessing the offer that was being put on the table.  Needless to say that we were totally way on top of the world 

    I sincerely want thank the Prime  Corp Team (including the contractors) for their professionalism,  respect and thoughtfulness that was received throughout this  process!  We truly love our new apartment and appreciate all of the plans,  renovations, hard work, time and dedication that was undertaken to bring this apartment far beyond our exceeded expectations.    Mrs.  Davies' abundant experience, advice, input and insight were without a doubt surreal, fair and to the point. 

    Kudos to the whole Prime Corp team  (Jen, Mel, Sal and Greg) and cheers to the beginning of a safe, healthy,  happy and healthy  start  

    We truly couldn't ask for any better! Honestly 

    Thanks again and keep up the good work, every little deed does not go unnoticed.

    ~ Guylaine

  • Hello Jennifer,

    I just wanted to mention how much I appreciated the quick and courteous responses I received even after hours regarding the rental of an apartment at 61 McEwen. Thank you very much. I would also like to mention that the Superintendent, Ken was very pleasant and accommodating. I also found the building and apartment very presentable.


    Lynne Cairns

    ~ Lynne McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying the new apartment - it's great.  Thanks again for all your help.


    ~ Daragh The Chamberlain - No Vacancies

  • Hi Jennifer,
    I look forward to hearing back from you regarding my rent cheques.
    I just wanted to take a moment to say something about what happened very  early this morning. As you must know, we had a fire here that started just before 3:00am and it was just down the hall from my apt.
    I did not hear the fire alarms!  I only heard them after Eric (super) knocked on my door until he knew I heard him...
    No one wants to have to hear the ear-piercing alarms but in case of emergency I would want to hear them! 
    The smoke was thick and it was difficult to breath, yet, Eric was right there making sure every tenant was alerted!  He went above and beyond and I understand Peter was doing the same.  I just want you to be aware that Eric's behaviour was exemplary.  People like them do not always get the recognition they deserve.

    Have a Great Day
    Jen :)

    ~ Jennifer Manoir Lucerne

  • Hi,


    On behalf of the superintendent eric at 27 lucerne, alymer, He does a great job> He is very attentive to needs,I always see him doing his job effectively,He is always on top of things whenever I have called him, thank you sherry suthons in apt 450

    ~ Occupant Manoir Lucerne

  • Hi Jenn,

       The boys (Top Knotch) who did the work were awesome.  Glad I waited for them.  They even rehung the mirror on my wall.  I didn't get a chance to thank them when they were done (I wasn't home when they came in to finish yesterday).  Please send my gratitude to them.  They're hard workers, and I'm glad that Primecorp gives young guys like that a chance to build their business.


    ~ Lindsay The Chamberlain - No Vacancies

  • Dear Sir:
    I would like to take a moment or two to apprise and thank you for the recent personal assistance to me by your Jennifer Davies.
    Briefly, I got behind on my rent.  Up to that point, I always paid my rent on time and sometimes paid it in
    advance of the due date.  Due to my business, and the time of year,  my earning power dried up leading up to Christmas, as people had other priorities. In addition, I had to incur additional costs for unexpected prescriptions.  This meant that my rent, together with other necessities, fell behind.
    It was only after I met with Ms. Davies that I found out I might be able to receive help for rent.  This turned out to be the case, and my rent for January and February 2015 were subsequently paid on my behalf to you.
    I feel it important that people like, and with the personality of, Ms. Davies,  serve an important function in any
    organization, and should be acknowledged for taking the time to assist people such as myself.
    Ms. Davies took the time to listen to me, as I was depressed, and spoke positively to me. I am very grateful for this. 
    Finally,  we live in a very nice building at 61 McEwen, I think the best on my street.  It is well maintained
    and well looked after, and it is my home;  hopefully, for years to come.
    Tenant 61 McEwen

    ~ Occupant McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Just a brief note to say thanks to you, Melisssa, and the rest of your lovely team for taking care of the problems with my kitchen with such professionalism, consideration and alacrity.

    This is such a good neighbourhood, where people know and look out for each other.  It is good to see the building taken over by people who actually care about the building and the people who live here.  My best, patti.

    ~ Patti The Sandhurst


    Please let this serve as 60-day notice that I will be vacating the apartment that I presently rent from Primecorp by midnight on April 30th, 2015

    I enjoyed my time in your building, and the renovations put in to 240 Stewart have made a huge difference. Over the course of the two years I spent in my apartment, a number of other tenants spoke to me about how grateful they were Primecorp took ownership of the building.

    Thank you

    ~ M The Sandhurst

  • After viewing multiple renting properties, I was immediately intrigued by this beautiful, limestone heritage building which is conveniently located in Gatineau, Québec.

    I saw that their was a sign by the building and decided to call.

    The first person I spoke to was Melissa, she was very professional, friendly, gracious and extremely helpful.

    After she gave me all the information and details, Melissa quickly arranged an appointment to view the apartment.

    It was at this time that I had the pleasure of meeting Eric the concierge who was personable and helpful and showed me not only the apartment but the properties amenities.

    I would like to thank both Melissa and Eric for their dedication and assistance during the rental process, and am looking forward to moving in this spring!!!


    ~ Ian Manoir Lucerne

  • I want to say a big thank you to the team at Primecorp Property Management, Jennifer and Melissa, for their assistance in helping me to facilitate my move with ease. The Sandhurst building is one of the finest apartments I have lived in. I loved living here and would recommend the building to anyone seeking a quality home.

    ~ Ms. Stewart The Sandhurst

  • Thank you so much..


    "In this busy world it's wonderful that's some people still have the art of taking time for others- of giving from there heart, thank you for what you did. Thanks for being you"


    Dear Melissa,


    Thank you so much for all your help in getting our apartment. You are our silver lining when things seemed dark. This is a wonderful apartment building and our apartment is beautiful. You and your team went above and beyond your duties. We will always be grateful for what you did for us.


    Thank you so much Heather + Cliff

    ~ Heather and Clifford McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Hello To Whom This May Concern :

    Hello this is Patricia and Crystal Garvey who currently reside at 4-390 Irwin Miller Street , we just wanted to say that Primecorp Property Management is by far the best rental company ever . The property manager Jennifer and Secretary Melissa are very polite , very professional. They helped us get a unit at 61 Mcewen first and then a nice transfer to 390 Irwin miller . We will definitely refer our friends and family to the rental company . Thank you very much for the excellent service .

    Sincerely Patricia & Crystal Garvey

    ~ Crystal and Patricia

  • I recently moved from Toronto to Ottawa for a new job opportunity. I was provided three weeks notice and scrambling to find a new home.  333 Metcalfe was a building that had caught my eye on a previous visit but due to time constraints, I wasn't actually able to come to Ottawa to see the apartment before signing the lease.  It was a nerve-wracking experience but I am so very happy that I was able to rent an apartment here.  Melissa was super helpful and reassuring.  The building is beautiful, the landlord super helpful and I absolutely adore my new home.


    Thank you

    ~ Vanessa The Chamberlain - No Vacancies

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    It with great pleasure that I present you with a commendation specifically regarding Jennifer Davies.

    Jennifer has been sought out by myself regarding issues relating to property management, Primecorp Property Management policies and rental issues. She was always approachable, *professional and knowledgeable. She always had the answers to my concerns, carried a pleasant personality always and seemed to have actual concern about my satisfaction & concerns.

    I found her always accessible, and would go "the extra mile" for myself. As a tenant with Primecorp Property Management, I have seen many change over the years. Her being placed in her position is the best I have seen your organization carry out administratively. I have only heard excellent comments from my fellow tenants and friends who have had dealings with her.

    I have had extensive dealings with various administrative professionals in the both the civil service and the private sector. Jennifer should not only be a role model for other property managers, but held as a template for others learning to carry out similar positions ANYWHERE as what they should be like.

    She makes me feel happy being a tenant with you, and honestly makes me feel proud of my home under her care.

    ~ Tenant McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Christine 

    I had to deal with two other property management companies in my search for an apartment in the city that is three hours away from where I live currently. They did not even care to contact me about units that I was scheduled to visit. That had been rented. Thank you Jennifer and Melissa! What a breath of fresh air and what a contrast your services are! Fast, courteous, professional. You made it so effortless for me. I love the area love the building and the maintenance is impeccable. I also love the fact that you are always available in prompt to answer any questions I may have. Thank you again I am looking forward to my new place.


    Thank you Primecorp. 

    ~ Christine 120 Wurtemburg-No Vacancies

  • I've been with them for almost 3 years , they take good care of their tenants, decent rent pay not expensive at all with parking included. Primecorp Property Management is the affordable place I could find and when there's an issue within the unit they send technicians fast to take care of it The building smells good seen people cleaning it twice a week And it's easy to reach them when you need them either call or send an email and they reply fast I can say they put tenants first over money, I am happy with them Great service!!!

    ~ Mr. Jules 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • After moving back to the city of Ottawa from Toronto back in February, I was in search of the perfect place to call home for my daughter and myself. For months I searched and just couldn't find something that was within a reasonable rate, was in the area I was looking for or was the right size . After countless days, I decided to call a bunch of listings from google maps and that is where I stumbled upon 61 McEwen Ave. Let me start off by saying that the photos of this unit just do not do it justice. So seeing the unit I was intrigued by the newly renovated units and best part is not only are they renovated but there affordable and ALL INCLUSIVE. So prime Corp built my interest. I decided to call the main office and got a hold of a wonderful young lady named Melissa Paquette. From there Melissa , set up the viewing , worked with my time line and was very understanding and caring. When I showed up to the building I met a young man by the name of Ken. He is honestly the most straight forward person I have met and he proceeded to show me both the renovated unit and then the unrenovated unit . He explained how everything worked and was very friendly and personable. From there I decided to run my application and within less than 4 hours Melissa came back with an approval. As for living there , the building is very clean, the people are quiet and with the new facelift in the last few years inside and out, the building is a steal. From a tenant side, Ken as the super has been great. He fixes what needs to be done and takes pride in he building. Not just someone who does it cause he has to. As for Melissa Paquette, she is on her A game and makes sure the rental process is quick and easy, and also is always there to answer any questions. These 2 sold the unit but the renovations were an added bonus.I would strongly recommend checking Primecorp out for you next home if you want something nice and central, a building taken care of , and great staff team to work with!

    ~ Kevin

  • Hi Jennifer, Thank you for the Incredibly high level of professionalism and magnanimity you exhibited when I called your office in dire need of accommodation. You were kind, understanding, and you showed a genuine interest to help me. I am very pleased with the apartment I got, as well as the facilities and location. I will definitely recommend your company's services to colleagues and friends as I would like them to have the same amazing Primecorp experience as I had.
    Thank you once again,
    Yours Sincerely,

    ~ Mark

  • I just thought Ken be commended for keeping this building so nice.  The lobby is always gleaming, I have had many comments about how clean and shiny it is.  He's a great guy!



    ~ Brenda McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Dear PrimeCorp Property Management,

    With this email, I would like to thank you for providing me with an enjoyable stay from Jan 2012 to Oct 2015 at 61 McEwen Ave. There has been some issues at first with lack of care with the previous management company however, as of hiring Ken - the on site super attendant -  things has significantly changed.

    Now I am a landlord myself and I understand what is the difference between a super attendant who only works on a property as A job versus working on a property as it's his own living apartment. I would like to congratulate you for such hiring.

    Best Regards,


    ~ Hamed McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • I would like to confirm that Jennifer Davies Senior Management with your company has beautiful amazing personality, great Communicator I'm so happy and Consider Jennifer a valuable member of your team who consistently achieved results and delivers all expectation. 

    Very valuable team player.

    ~ Cynthia Manoir Lucerne

  • Hi Melissa and Jennifer, Edan had a wonderful time last evening at your 333 Metcalfe reception (I gather I was a good contributor as far as a source of humour goes!) and we want to thank you very much, especially for the chance to enter a lottery!



    ~ Tim The Chamberlain - No Vacancies

  • Hi Melissa and Jennifer, Edan had a wonderful time last evening at your 333 Metcalfe reception (I gather I was a good contributor as far as a source of humour goes!) and we want to thank you very much, especially for the chance to enter a lottery!

    ~ Tim The Chamberlain - No Vacancies

  • Hi
    we have to thank
    for their good Management ,
    We appreciate your business

    JENNIFER , she is honest , hard work , good thinking and very kind , she Help us a lot



    Best Regards

    Eng. Kamal Sedarous

    Owner of Parthenos Development Ltd.

    4473 Innes Road Ottawa, ON K4A 3J7

    ~ Kamal Sederous 4471 & 4473 Innes Rd Orleans ON

  • Dear Primecorp, 


    With starting the last month of 2015 , A World of Good Wishes. One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the new year 2016


     It's a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency & honesty .We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service that Prime Corp Management team provides. We sincerely appreciate  your friendly professional advice & Jennifer responsiveness and the way she conduct business.  We also would like to thank Pompilia & Melissa for there hard work .We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with Your company service. We look forward to doing business with Jennifer & her team through Prime Corp management for years to come.


    Happy hanukkah , Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you from our families to yours.  

    ~ Iriene Sedarous 4471 & 4473 Innes Rd Orleans ON

  • I would like to thank Melissa for her professional service she provided. I recently acquired a unit at 27 Lucerne. Melissa was absolutely fantastic to deal with. So thank you for being you!

    Thank you for your outstanding service! I own a business and understand the importance of customer service. In my opinion you went above and beyond it!

    Thanks to Jenn as well. Great team and happy to know that you two are behind 27 Lucerne and all its wonderful changes.


    ~ Michael Manoir Lucerne

  • Just got home to my new lovely bathroom :-) Thank you all, I really appreciate this. 


    Jennifer/Melissa: You guys have been so awesome! 




    ~ Arezoo

  • Good Afternoon Jennifer;

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to complement Eric and Peter on the exceptional snow clearing services they have been providing.  This last snowfall was a record in terms of how fast it accummulated making it very difficult to  keep up with the clearing of walkways and entrances to 27 Lucerne. Eric was out shoveling and using the snowblower to clear/ not only walkways, but many parts of the parking lot that were not cleared by the contractor.  First rate service on what was and is a very physical task. 


    Well Done!



    ~ Scott Manoir Lucerne

  • My name is Mariam,


    I have lived in 388 Irwin Miller for a year. The first time that I was looking for a rent, I was really amazed about the service that I have received from the management team. I am really happy to live there, because the property management is always there to help night & day.



    ~ Mariam 362 McArthur, 388 & 390 Irwin Miller

  • To whom this may concern,



    My name is Jacob and I have been a tenant in the Sandhurst apartment at 240 Stewart Street in Ottawa, Ontario for just over a year and a half now.  The Primcorp Property Management team has been a positive resource for tenants in my apartment building.  All the services on the premises are functional. The laundry room in the basement is clean and spacious which means it is very difficult t for one tenants laundry handling to come into conflict with another's. This gives us peace of mind and makes us feel at home.  Beside the laundry room, there are two large storage rooms with individual space. Therefore, it has always been very easy to store items that are too large to keep inside the apartment. During the winter, the pathways in front of the building are slated and safe for everyone to walk on which we all appreciate. The mailbox room is also well maintained.  Finally, it was great to see members of the company's office in the lobby of the apartment building during Christmas and for other events. This keeps communication fluid and brings people together.


    Thank you for making my stay, as well as that of all tenants and the wider community of Sandy Hill a positive and stable home. I appreciate everything all of the property management team has done and encourage you all to keep up the good work.




    ~ Jacob

  • Jennifer,


    I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for the support and assistance you've provided over the past year and a half to me and the staff at our Orleans Menchie's location. 


    As we've now sold the store to a new buyer I wanted to say thanks and best of luck.


    Kind Regards,


    ~ Shahrouz 4471 & 4473 Innes Rd Orleans ON

  • To: Primecorp Property Management 


    My husband and I have lived here for almost six years, As a seniors we have enjoyed living in this building, Our superintendent Ken has been very helpful, always nice to talk to. Ken does a very good job in this building, I have always enjoyed talking to Jennifer, she is a people person.. Jennifer is true to her word. 


    Thank you Jennifer Davies for all your help and coming through for us. Always a pleasure dealing with you. 


    Thanks so much,


    Walter & Donna

    ~ 61 Mc Ewen tenants McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • To any prospective tenant in Ottawa....and to Primecorp Property Management....


    When Primecorp bought this building I had been living here for over 25 years.  I love the  neighbourhood, my neighbours....all the amenities that the proximity to the city centre provides....It was the difference between night and day as a tenant when Primecorp took ownership of this building.  Windows were replaced, landscaping done....there was heat in the winter...the building was clean again...and tenants very very happy....


    I credit that all to the ethic of Primecorp, because none of that would have ever happened if they, as a company, didn't think it important to be part of "neighbourhood".....but they did....and that matters so much....


    But at a personal level, It is important to say how much it has meant, as tenant, to have had Jennifer Davies and Melissa Paquette at the other end of any phone call I ever made to Primecorp. I will never forget all they have done....not Ever...well and beyond what could ever be expected of property managers.  And I can't recommend them, or Primecorp, highly enough. 



    ~ Tenant The Sandhurst

  • Jennifer & Melissa,

    My parents and I wanted to thank the both of you for everything you have done for us. You made the distance from Oakville to Ottawa feel very small because of how helpful and kind you were, We are so thankful for your help, and wish you nothing but the best in the future.


    All the best,


    Amanda M. 

    ~ Amanda M. The Sandhurst

  • Hi Jennifer,


    My mother and I just met with Ken who came to assess the apartment.

    She told him that if her health  would have been better, she would not have take this decidision, the reason being that she really liked her apartment, its surrounding, and the people living there too.

    She has no complaint to make knowing that there is always somebody there in case of emergency.


    On behalf of my mother, I am transmitting to you and to Ken, her sincere thankfulness  for your kindness and your support In the past years.


    Diane Methot / F.A. Ranger

    ~ Anne Ranger McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Also I just wanted to mention everyone we had dealt with while at 61 McEwen was always very friendly and accommodating, any issues we had were dealt with promptly and effectively.

    Thank you again,


    ~ Darren McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • I would personally like to thank Jennifer and Melissa for all their help in regards to my son's move into the Sandhurst Apartment Building. We live in Toronto and my son had to relocate to Ottawa. Melissa was most helpful in  showing us the building and accommodating our time schedule. She promised us that the unit would be painted, the floors sanded, and a new kitchen counter top installed. The renovations were done well and in a timely fashion.


    Jennifer responded immediately when my husband called in regards to a plumbing problem.The plumbers returned at once to sort out a problem that we all thought had been fixed. Jennifer also called us the next day to make sure that the problem had been resolved to our satisfaction. She also visited our son's apartment to make sure that the repairs were done to the highest standard.


    I commend Jennifer and Melissa on their professionalism, on their attention to detail, and most importantly on their prompt responses to queries. This reflects their concern for their tenants.


    My son has a lovely apartment thanks to Jennifer and Melissa.


    Denise D parent


    ~ Denise The Sandhurst

  • We are extremely pleased with the service that we have gotten thus far with Primecorp. All of the employees that we have come across have been very pleasant and accommodating to our needs. We feel comfortable in out environment and are pleased we chose Primecorp.


    ~ Natasha Coach Tower

  • I recently moved from Toronto to Ottawa for a new job opportunity and had to find a place to live. A friend of my mother's lives at the Sandhurst and I recently rented a one bedroom apartment in the building.


    I would like to thank Jennifer and Melissa for all their help. The renovations were done well within the allocated time frame  and completed with care.My apartment was freshly painted, the floors sanded and new lighting fixtures were put up.


    Jennifer and Melissa returned my calls promptly and were very helpful in responding to my queries and suggestions. I now feel very comfortable in my new home.


    Daniel at the Sandhurst



    ~ Daniel

  • Good afternoon




    Please note that we are extremely happy to be living at 1825 Russell Road, we were welcome with open arms from the super and your team players at Primecorp Property Management.


    We just wanted to send u a huge thank u for everything u have done for us we absolutely love our place and the kids absolutely love having all the space. Since we have moved here Emily is now fully walking now and both of them are now sleeping thru the night. It's so much quieter here which is a lot better we r able to get the kids to sleep and they stay asleep! Thank u from the bottom of our hearts we honestly don't know where we would be if it wasn't for u!!!! 


    Thank you Trish

    ~ Trish Coach Tower

  • Hi jen...just wanted to thank you for sharing your years of knowledge/experience with me recently in recovering arrears from a tenant i was sure was going to be a write off ! Numerous other fellow landlords were not aware of what you advised and were skeptical but they were ultimately proven wrong when i rec'd my $4000 arrears just before eviction. I didnt doubt your advice for a minute knowing you've been doing this for ever.

    Thanks again....and pretty sure my tenant thanks you also.

    ~ Steve

  • Hi Ken


    I just wanted to pass on my gratitude to you and your team for providing such a professional and pleasant experience during our move, we could really see a clear difference on working with each of you compared to other previous experiences with other companies.


    The unit itself was ready for us when we got there, was really clean and smelt great and everything was in great working order. The kitchen and bathroom are so nice with the new cabinets and appliances and even the bathroom sink & taps! The size of the unit is a perfect fit and we really feel comfortable - oh and love all the new windows and the new patio door to the huge balcony.


    As I am sure you can imagine, having a beautiful clean place to move into was hugely appreciated during an already stressful move. The building itself is so clean and smells GREAT which we love as we have mentioned! The difference this makes in feeling comfortable and safe is invaluable. I can tell keeping the building in beautiful condition is taken with great pride and I appreciate that - I think you are stuck with us for a while! 


    From the moment we saw the unit to the signing of the unit and to the actual move in and since, we have felt your team has handled us with great respect and professionalism and we wanted to take a moment to thank you for this. It really makes a difference to the tenants and it definitely differentiates you from other buildings.


    We love the apartment, it is so nice! 


    Have a great day and keep up the great work! 


    Lindsay & Laurie 


    ~ Laurie & Lindsay McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • From my first point of contact until well after I moved in, Ken has gone above and beyond to answer any question I've had and to ensure that I've felt at home in my new apartment.


    My unit was recently renovated with a new kitchen and bathroom, closet doors and balcony and it looks fantastic.  It was also very clean upon my arrival  so I thank Primecorp for going above and beyond for creating a "welcome home" feeling.


    The building is also very well maintained.  The grounds are well kept, the lobby and elevators are kept clean and there are plenty of brand new laundry units in the basement which means you don't have to wait in line.


    The neighbourhood is safe and people are extremely friendly.


    As a young professional I'm very proud to call McEwen Towers my home!


    ~ Audrey McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • I am a returning tenant, when i noticed the building had been taken over my new owners i decided to have a look again. I have family in the area and wanted to be close to them. The amount of renovations done is amazing. The building is very clean and my apartment is beautiful (fully renovated). I would most definitely recommend this building.

    ~ 1825 Tenant Coach Tower

  • Since the new owners took over this year, they've been doing renos NON STOP in the entire building. They just added new elevators, they've added new equipment to the gym and they are now installing new security cameras. I didn't experience any issues with roaches or bed bugs since they took over. With the new owners and management, there are no more problems. 
    I wanted to mention this because I love living here, my 2 bedroom is all new, and this building deserves more positive feedback.

    ~ 1825 Tenant Coach Tower

  • Since Primecorp property management has been aboard and that the new owners have bought the building. The building has turned over tremendously!!! They have put so much money into the complex and have completely gutted all units to renovate them completely. They have build a beautiful gym facility free of charge to all tenants. Clean phobe operating laundry room is now in place. The building is being treated for any pest monthly and the building has been bombed by Pestroy. It's a shame these bad comments haven't been removed because they have been going above and beyond to clean up this building. Go Maebrook and Primecorp!!!

    ~ 1825 Tenant Coach Tower

  • I am loving this building. The elevators are being done as we speak and the new owners have also recently built a new exercise room and completely renovated the laundry room. Not to mention all of the gorgeous renovations they have made already to the lobby and all the hallways, it really looks great. The laundry room also has that card system so there is no need to fumble with coins which I hated at my old apartment. You can tell they really care about this place. My unit is was recently renovated, the finishes are really nice. The building is rather quiet and feels safe. I think the location is perfect, super central and close to everything. There were some problems with the elevators in the past year and it was frustrating but it's comforting to see the new ones being done. The first elevator was done last month and the second one looks like it will be done soon, that was probably my only complaint but the new elevator is working perfectly and it's really nice inside. Jen, the property manager, is amazing. She makes you feel like you can call her any time, day or night. She is very committed and incredibly responsive. Not to mention Mike, the Super and his wife, they keep the building really clean. Overall, I am very happy with this building and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, quiet place to live with very beautiful renovations. I am proud to be living here.

    ~ 1825 Tenant Coach Tower

  • Well first off, let start by saying I lived in this building when I was about 17yrs old... let new say.. a huge "WOW" when I lived there the front door never locked people coming in and out call hours of the night really dirty looking... lobby never looked as AWESOME as it does now.... I am So happy that the new owners JTS Russell purchased the complex and turned it over to a safe and warm place to live.  The apartments renos are 1000 percent better then back then... when I was looking at the unit I am taking.....Jennifer showed me my old bachelor's apartment doesn't even look like it did way back then.... the change it has now... is awww words can't explain how much of an uplift it is doing now.... I have been a tenant with primecorp since June 2015 And I have to say.... as far as having a safe and quite friendly place to live? Jennifer Davies has been the most understanding caring, honest landlord I have ever dealt with.... in my past years... we need more people like Jennifer in this world... I am very happy to have met her and the joys of being her tenent has and is a pleasure... thanks again 

    ~ Tammy May Chenier Coach Tower

  • I have been renting my unit from Primecorp for a few months now, and I can honestly say that I am beyond satisfied with the service I receive from Primecorp Management. Anytime I email Jennifer, she responds very quickly and always helps me right away with any concerns that I have in my apartment. It is very evident that her, along with the rest of the management team, genuinely care about their tenants. Everyone is very respectful and professional!
    Thank you to Jennifer and the rest of the team for maintaining the building in such great condition and for all your help! 

    ~ Shirly Shuster The Sandhurst

  • Love the new place. The reason of my email is in regards to the new Superintendant Stephane. I just wanna say he is absolutely amazing, place is always clean he's always working day and night and just over all a hard worker and a very nice guy always looking to help.  Just wanted give a man praise when needed

    ~ Ken Coach Tower

  • Jen...I just want to thank you for being such a great person to deal with.  I moved into my apartment at 1825 Russell Road on January 1st, 2017.  I have been treated with the utmost respect...I have been complimented on my apartment by Jen.  I love my the area...and would recommend this building to anyone who wants to feel comfortable and at home...because that's how I feel.   And I would like to add that the Super a great guy who is willing to help with anything you need!!!!  

    ~ Jane Coach Tower

  • Since Primecorp Property Management took over 1825 Russell Rd, things have greatly improved.  Management listen to the tenants concerns and acts accordingly in an efficient manor with any requests including afterhours services.

    The new owners made many upgrades to the building and I as a long term tenant enjoy living at 1825 Russell. And looking forward for future endeavors with Primecorp Management and JTS Russell.


    ~ Kristy Coach Tower

  • Hi Jennifer

    Our open house last week was a huge success!!!

    This is my first opportunity to be involved in a store opening and you made the process painless.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efficiency and professionalism.


    ~ Julie 4471 & 4473 Innes Rd Orleans ON

  • My name is James and i have recently rented an apartment form you located at 1825 Russell RD. I would like to say that your rental agent has made my transition from a house to an apartment a great experiance. Jennifer has been available 24/7 to assist me in a number of situations. Jen has been very proffesional Property managee to deal with.


    ~ James Coach Tower

  • My name is George Buchanan, I reside at 61 McEwen apt 707. This letter is to show my approval and appreciation for the promptness and professional efficiency of my property manager and the people she had assigned to do the work in my apartment. Jennifer has gone above and beyond my expectations and with a fantastic concerning attitude toward my concerns. I am lucky and grateful to have a property manager that actually listens to our issues. The gentlemen she has assigned to do the work were incredibly efficient and polite, thanking me as I was thanking them. I am getting all my deficiencies taken care of and hope that the efficiency continues if and when I have any more. Thank you Jennifer, it is greatly appreciated!!!!! I really like the building and the area, due to my ailing mother in the building next door, I am able to tend to her promptly and thank all for their patience and interest in making my stay here comfortable. 

    ~ George McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • To whom it may concern: We are tenants at End of the Roll @ 1760 St-Laurent Blvd. myself Denise would like the owners of primecorp Property Management to know know that your Property Manager (Jennifer Davies) goes over and beyond when it comes to managing your property, we place a call with issues and it is momentarily taken care of. Thks to Jennifer!


    1760 St. Laurent

  • To whom this may concern,


    I Ronald would like to say thank you Jennifer Davies for your help concerning my mom. We are greatful for the help you gave us, if it wasn't for you telling us to go to the Ottawa Rent Bank my mom would of been on the street right now and my mom really appreciates your help and you didn't need to do this because she is not your tenant but you can tell that you're very kind person and you help people out. I really appreciate all the help you did. You're a wonderful property manager .


    Thank you so much again, yours truly Ronald. 

    ~ Ronald

  • Hello Melissa,

    Thanks so much for the fast reply! The repairman stopped by earlier this evening and fixed the toilet! We are all so very thrilled (I realize it may sound funny being excited about a toilet)!

    Thanks again so much! Living here and renting with Primecorp has been nothing but the best!


    120 Wurtemburg-No Vacancies

  • I just wanted to send this email to yourself and Jennifer to thank you..

    I moved in March 2nd and love it. It was clean, bright and just what we needed. 

    The whole process was professional and the superintendent, Ken, was amazing. 

    The building is clean and quiet, and my son and I are very happy. 

    I would suggest this building to anyone, hands down!!! 

    Thanks again Melissa and Jennifer.

    Tamara Gallagher

    ~ Tamara McEwen Towers - No Vacancies

  • Jennifer,


    As first time owners of an existing property in another province, we were worried about how to keep us and our tenants safe, when we were far away. Not sure about what to expect, we selected Primecorp Property Management Inc. because of what was written about them online. 


    We have been using Primecorp for over 4 months and in that time we have had to make use of their many services as unfortunately our tenants were slow to pay their rent, a tenant caused damage to our property, and we needed to quickly bring the building's safety up to code.  All of these things were efficiently and urgently handled by Jennifer and team at Primecorp…  You would think that we would be pulling our hair out, instead we feel properly cared for and confident that we can face any issue.


    With Jennifer and Primecorp  we are in safe and protected hands; they treat our property like it is their own.






    ~ Third Party Management complex Clover Triplex-No Vacancies

  • Hi Melissa, 


    Thank you for getting back to me. Many property management companies don't respond to inquiries, especially if there are no vacancies. I appreciate your company's professionalism and communication. 

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I'm writing this email to inform you of how happy I have been working with you and Melissa since we began this conversation. You gave me immediate comfort in the governing of my home and Melissa has been superb in her abilities to respond to me and my inquiries. She shows excellent dedication and has shown me support that goes above and beyond her duties at work. You two have made me feel very comfortable in the transition of going from home owner to landlord and I couldn't have done it without Melissa.

    I look forward to continue working with her and I would love for her to see this email in confidence. Thanks a million for everything!



    ~ Matthew Avignon Townhouse-No Vacancies

  • I would like to thank Jen for helping me with my financial situation. I was in the hospital in October from a heart attack. For 3 months, I could not return to work and was on short term disability. Unfortunately, the funds were small to take care of everything, including my rent. But Jen was kind enough to help me through these tough times and make arrangements to pay my rent. Now I'm back at work and my rent is back where it should be. If angels exist, one works at Primecorp. Thank you Jen! you are a true life saver!!

    ~ Scott

  • You guys are wonderful! I would definitely recommend you. I actually just recommended you guys to my mom last month.




    Vladimir Nikitin

    ~ Vladimir Clover Triplex-No Vacancies

  • Congratulations! We feel the company is very professional. We were pleased with the tenants found thus far for our rental unit that satisfied our criteria. And feel satisfied that the reference check for new tenants was thorough. We appreciate the monthly updates.



    ~ Natalia 155 Rue De Morency

  • Hello Alanna,

    I am satisfied with the services of Primecorp Property Management. The team has been responsive and quick to resolve all issues I have faced so far. And l have no complaints about their routine works (payments, paperwork, etc.).


    Kenichi Araki

    ~ Kenichi Bronson Condo-No Vacancies

  • Thanks for reaching out to me Alanna! Welcome aboard Primecorp. So far I have been satisfied with the work the PPM group has provided me and my home. I have been given a lot of attention from you guys. 

    keep up the fantastic job!!

    Nice to meet you :)



    ~ Matthew Avignon Townhouse-No Vacancies

  • Hi Amanda, Jennifer and Pompilia,

    I just wanted to thank all of you for taking care of my properties. Personally, 2018 was a busy year (e.g. I received inquiries from you multiple times when I was abroad); however, everything w.r.t. my properties went smoothly because of you.

    I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year 2019!!!


    Kenichi Araki

    ~ Kenichi

  • Dear Alanna,

    I just want to take time to express my appreciation  to you for always stepping forward  to help me when it is necessary. 

    I go hope that I do not cause too much interference because that has never been my intention. 

    I want to express my sincere thanks.

    I hope to see you on May 10.2019.

    You are truly a gem and an asset to the firm.

     Yours truly,

    Stephen Graham

    ~ Stephen Manoir Lucerne

  •  I am so delighted and happy these days that I thought I have share it with everyone and to say a big thank you to the person who caused this.

    I drove from Nova Scotia to Ottawa to rent my son's apartment in 205 Bolton Drive building. He is living overseas and asked me to do this task for him. I had not rented a place before, particularly in a city which I was not familiar with. Naturally I was quite nervous, and somewhat confused.   Then I met an angel by the name of Jennifer Davies, who took over and rented the place for me, faster and easier that I could ever imagined.  I am extremely pleased with the help that was provided by Jennifer.  She is a very professional person, very kind, and very enthusiastic for what she does. I feel I was lucky meeting her.

    ~ Flora Riyahi Bolton Condo-No Vacancies

  • My mother and I were looking to rent our home and decided to use Primecorp's services. The senior property manager, Madame Jennifer Davies, was effective in not only managing the renovation of the home, but also finding clients. She never left any questions unanswered. I highly recommend her for tenants and landlords. In fact, she ensures that both parties' interests (tenant and landlord's) are satisfied. Best regards, Idir Metahri 

    ~ Idir Metahri Stonehenge Townhome